Who We Are

LIVELYHIVE is an education company. Our mission is to create unique educational content, delivered through interactive and engaging visuals. We aim to provide these experiences online and through apps. Our ultimate goal is to reach kids around the world who don’t have access to traditional enrichment programs in Language, Arts and Sciences at school or outside school.

LIVELYHIVE’s first app has been designed to help introduce script-based languages to early learners without the child having to learn the script first.


The Benefits

We put the focus on first expanding vocabulary and introducing correct pronunciation. With exposure to these words, recognizing context and script may come easier and help cement the language in a little one’s mind.

Our app is also beneficial for children with speech delays, for multi-lingual families, and English language learners. Children with speech delays can benefit from the audio cues which provide sound and word modeling to help kids sound out a more natural pronunciation

Exercise the Brain with Languages

There is a substantial body of work which shows that learning languages can benefit children in other pursuits, as it helps exercise the brain like a muscle. Bilingual children consistently outscored monolingual children in cognitive and other areas of development, as observed in longitudinal studies conducted by researchers at Harvard as well as by the Centre for Research in Human Development at Concordia University, Canada. Furthermore, very young children have shown that they can practice what they hear without inhibitions. Kids as young as 3 years of age are also better primed to imitate languages, than older children. For children who have shown speech delays, speech pathologists have unanimously concluded that learning other languages can only help, not hinder the ability to grow the child's repertoire of words which ultimately lets them express themselves better.

About the founder

My name is Mohita, and I am the founder of Livelyhive. I was born and raised in India and lived in the country until middle school. Subsequently I moved with family to Australia for high school and University, and I am now settled in the United States with my husband and two children. I could speak Tamil and Hindi when I was a child and can still communicate in both languages, although I never learned how to read Tamil script. The idea for a language-learning app was born when I wanted my two young boys to learn their native language. There were not enough digital resources available to them in a format that was age appropriate and user-friendly. I also wanted them to learn to communicate using colloquial words which they recognized, before exposing them to the script. This was not easy, because the majority of available resources focused on learning to read the script first and speaking more formally. As the mother of a 5-yr old with speech delays, it was also very important to me to tailor this app for children with such special needs to aid their communication.

I am proud to have designed this simple and fun app as a tool to make learning a language seem easy for kids, all over the world!